Traction Control System

Sensors individually monitor each wheel for speed and slip, and automatically brake or increase torque, as determined is needed, to maximise grip and help avoid wheel spin.

EPAS (Electronic Power-Assisted Steering)

This might be a truck but Ford’s famous driving dynamics still apply. This includes the effortless manoeuvrability EPAS delivers in all types of conditions. Steering is light and responsive for city driving and when parking, and firmer and easier to control at higher speeds on the open road. Because it’s electronically controlled and not hydraulic, it only kicks-in when you need it, helping to save fuel.


Information screens

As well as an 8-inch touchscreen, SYNC®31 works with two 4.2-inch LCD screens in your instrument panel8. The left-side screen displays SYNC®31 information, such as phone and music settings, while the right-side screen displays vehicle information, such as fuel economy, which you can scroll and select using the steering wheel buttons.

Media Hub

Four outlets give you plenty of options to play, watch and view music, videos and photos on your SYNC®31 touchscreen. Two USB outlets, and one RCA outlet let you check photos or videos on the spot, without returning to the office or home. You can also charge and play more than one USB device, while you drive. 20+ storage spaces With 20+ storage spaces in the new Ranger, there's room for everything. Enjoy a laptop-sized glovebox, front and rear door pockets, a mobile phone holder, sunglasses holder, key tray, under seat storage, seatback p

Lane Keeping System

Using the road markings, sensors can detect when you begin to drift out of your lane unintentionally. If you do, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate to warn you. If you don’t return to the lane, steering torque is applied to help guide you back.

4x4 Shift-on-the-fly

Be in the zone at the turn of a dial. Move effortlessly between 2WD and 4WD high mode or low mode with Shift-on-the-fly.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

When your tyre pressure isn’t right it can compromise safety and fuel economy. The Tyre Pressure Monitor constantly monitors each tyre’s pressure and lets you know which ones need air, and when. Easy.
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