As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are involved in upgrading the social fabric of the society we live in with a main focus on children’s homes. On an annual basis, Duly Holdings runs the Ford Global Week of Caring. This is an initiative that has run since 2010, in association with Ford Motor Company. In this initiative, our aim is to give back to those in need in our society. The drive also looks at how to preserve and protect the environment. This was the approach taken last year with the Mukuvise Woodlands, where we resuscitated Ponds for Local and Exotic Migrant Birds.


Renault Zimbabwe has adopted KIDZCAN, an organisation which looks after children that have been diagnosed with cancer and regularly supports the organisation with various monetary and material donations and support. Duly's takes time to dress up in orange during the orange week and make individual donations to this worthy cause.


Below are more of the areas we helped in:
-» Sponsorship of students at Chibero College and MSU.
-» Sponsorship for Tennis Zimbabwe through the provision of transport to the Zimbabwe Davis Cup Team, their opponents and the support staff.
-» Sponsorship for the Zimbabwe Cricket Union in provisions of vehicles for the team.
-» Together with Environment 2000, Duly’s pioneered and sponsored the Environment 2000 Corporate relay.
-» Support and sponsorship of the Imire World Rhino Day.

Drunk driving suit

Under the brand Ford, Duly’s has a drunk suit that we use in schools in partnership with Zimpact to educate students in schools about the dangers of drunk driving. Any schools needing this education can get in touch with us to assist them

Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL), a free hands-on training programme, was launched in Zimbabwe through Duly's in 2016 and has been an annual programme.

This programme was introduced in order to provide drivers with the tools to stay safe behind the wheel, and promote fuel-efficient driving techniques.

This programme also provides a Drunk Suit, which Duly's has been showcasing at different schools to promote drunk driving awareness in partnership with Zimpact.

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