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Advanced precision for top-level fuel efficiency

At the heart of Croner is the new 5-liter GH5E engine developed by UD Trucks, it features state-of-the-art technology with high torque of up to 900 Nm and fuel efficiency as key strengths to give optimal performance. With maximum torque delivered from low revs and in the “green band” – that is, a flat torque curve with a wider max-torque band – the GH engine operates efficiently and without excess revving. This means better pulling power with less fuel consumed and less component wear.

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Built to be safe and secure in the race against time

UD Trucks leaves nothing to chance and that includes safety. Croner’s active and passive safety features protect your company’s precious resources – the people, the fleet, and the customer’s cargo – as well as the surrounding traffic.

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Engineered to be reliable and durable

With Croner we have created a reliable and durable truck, built with proven robust components without compromising on quality. It’s an enduring and easily serviced truck, so you'll spend less time on maintenance and more time making money on the road.

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GH Engine

The enhanced component design, manufacturing and testing process behind the GH engine provide best-in-class performance and longer oil change intervals, which reduces maintenance cost and increases uptime.

Axle Capacity

Croner has the highest axle capacity in its class and can carry more than typical medium-duty trucks, with the ultimate reliability and durability expected of a UD truck.

Strong and durable steel frame

Croner’s steel frame provides strength and safety, while the reinforced cabin has been developed under strict deflection, crash and durability targets, and is designed to meet Japanese safety requirements of a flat barrier impact at 40km/h.

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Saving you the most precious resource of all: Time.

From the robust engineering and efficient driveline to its smart and modern design, Croner is made to save you time. Croner is built to go the extra mile. So you can go the extra mile, too.

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